Hi, I’m Miriam: a writer, horticulturalist, and an allergy free cook living in Reno, Nevada. I spend my days propagating my jungle of hoyas and drooling over gluten and dairy free apple crisps. Haunting my local nurseries and plant shops is my typical Saturday. I pair this with going out to the local bars and restaurants in Mid-Town Reno which fuels my creativity to whip up new eats and drinks. The simple act of cooking is a way I have found to express love and intention every day to myself and others. When I am not doing those things, I can be found researching and writing on anti-capitalism and food justice. I believe that all humankind should be able to eat foods that sustain their bodies and souls. My writing is a mixture of the personal and political as well as some yummy recipes to nourish those with food sensitivities and special dietary needs.

Miriam and her plants.